postheadericon Tips to Help You Make the Most of Your Final Inspection

In the real estate world, there are few aspects of due diligence which are more important than the final inspection.


Why? Because unlike using sport chek coupon from Groupon Coupons, with a solid inspection there is no way, as a buyer, to know about any concerns with the property before any and all problems become your responsibility.


For this reason, pay attention to the tips below to make sure that you get the most out of your final inspection and don’t purchase a property with unexpected costs.


You Aren’t Qualified

And even if you are qualified, you aren’t in a position to inspect your own property. Why? Because if you have fallen in love with a property then you are likely to overlook aspects which an independent inspector won’t.


When you are speaking with potential inspectors, consider the following questions:


  • Will they inspect your roof?
  • Will they get underneath the property to inspect the foundations?
  • How experienced are they?
  • Can they provide you with their qualifications?
  • How soon can you expect their report?
  • What will be the total cost?


These questions will help you to filter out between the bad and the good inspectors.


You Don’t Get off That Easily

Of course, just because you have a professional attention your final inspection doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t also. While you are there, perform and look for the following:


  • Take a cell phone charger with you to ensure all of the electric outlets are working
  • Run your hands along the alls to feel for any damp spots which could suggest mold growth or water damage
  • Check that each of the faucet and water supplies is in full working order
  • Be sure that all of the indoor and outdoor irrigation systems are working properly
  • If your property lists any inclusions, be sure that they are present and in full working order


If you notice anything that doesn’t seem right, be sure to ask your inspector about it while they are at the property. Even if it seems like a small problem, that is what they are there for so utilize their skills during this important visit.


Ask Around and Bring a Friend

If possible, speak with as many people as you can about any issues they had with their final inspection. In particular, ask about any property problems which they found after they had settled on the property which wasn’t discovered during the final inspection. This could be something small like a crack in the foundation which later grew to a large problem, or even an irrigation system issue which has caused significant damage later on in the life of the property and required expensive repair work.


Anybody who tells you that the property buying process is easy isn’t being entirely honest with you. However, this isn’t to say that it is so difficult that it can’t be done, you just need to pay attention to the important parts, such as the final inspection. The tips above are a great start to help you make the most of your final inspection and discover any potential problems before it’s too late.

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