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You hear a lot about decorations when shifting to a larger house, luxury downsizing is not much talked about. In most cases, luxury downsizing implies moving up the luxury property ladder. For empty nesters, it is always recommended to shift to downsize to relax life with more qualitative amenities. Condominium buildings and smaller luxury homes upgrade the standard of living as they offer more generous living options with attractive facilities. Here are some tips for people who look up to luxury downsizing.

  • Figure out what matters most

It is important to evaluate what if you can’t live without and what can be. Suppose the antique pieces or vintage utensils are just for looks of your house, so you can easily sacrifice that.  Of course, your future luxury apartments would have looks of its own; add-ons are not required as such. Assess from your new home, how much stuff is needed and carry it forward when you move. With the rest of the things, you can earn extra bucks, rent, donate or pass it on to your children or family.

  • Start well in time

It is necessary to start only when you close the property deal. Start early. Check your closets and storerooms when your plans are just in the initial stage. Thinning your utilities and cupboards well in time saves you from the troubles of moving into a new house. One good start is to sort your book collection and donate your books to the library or friends.

  • Sell and earn

Sell in the systems, furniture and other items which you don’t require to potential buyers or if can’t find any, sell to consignment dealers. Send your vintage collections and antique furniture for investment auctions. This way, you can cash some investment in furnishing the new property.

  • Discard what you don’t need

Suppose you would be shifting to DLF Crest, the parks and play area would be maintained by the DLF group itself; you can purge the garden mowing machine conveniently. An outdoor furniture which will be no longer required, get rid of it.

  • It’s okay to take help

Get your friends over to help with the removal and packaging of your possessions. You can even hire a professional organizer for your de-cluttering. This is also a better option because your friends or professional organizer would not have an emotional attachment.

  • Click picture

It is not for uploading snaps that you ding luxury downsizing. It is to create memories of your art pieces or antique collections you owned once, but now that stuff won’t fit into your new lifestyle.

  • Take inventory of your belongings

It is always advisable to take inventory while downsizing.

  • Give yourself time

Chose the place which suits your requirements. Figure out whether 1BHK or 2BHK or more you will want. Once chosen the apartment or condo, take the considerable amount of time before beginning the process of purging.

When you shift to DLF Crest Gurgaon, you would have a freeing as well luxurious experience. After downsizing, the luxurious apartments would be definitely more delightful.

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