postheadericon The Interior Design Benefits of Building Material Supplies

When you think of interior design, one of the first images that springs to mind likely has something to do with fancy ornaments, stylish furniture and various types of artwork. But have you ever considered that you could make your own unique interior design changes with some building bricks and other basic materials?

Brick and glass coffee table

Have you ever wanted one of those fancy coffee tables with the glass top? You can easily make your own version of those with four building bricks, a pane of glass (sized to your needs) and some silicone.

Simply measure out the size of your glass pane, work out where the legs of your table need to be placed according to that, and place the bricks where you need them (vertically). Then you apply some silicone to the top of each brick, smooth it out, and let it set. From there you can simply put the glass pane down on top of your bricks, and voilà, you have a snazzy, modern coffee table.

A peg board organiser at your door

If your home has a spacious entrance, but it’s always cluttered, head over to your nearest building material supplier and pick up a peg board (or request that one be made). You can use multiple boards to fill up the wall space on one side of your entrance, or one board that fits the entire space.

When you install the board, make sure there’s a slight gap behind it so that your pegs can slide in and remain secure. From there you can put in as many wooden pegs as you like, wherever you like, and use these to quickly hang up everything from coats and shoes to pot plants and bicycles!

Spruce up your shelves with plywood

Whether it’s in the kitchen, dining or living area you likely have a shelf of some kind somewhere. But what about that dull piece of wall that you can’t do anything with just under the shelf? The answer is plywood panels!

Building material suppliers can provide you with loads of plywood, and at a very reasonable price. So get a few panels and attach them to the wall underneath your shelving. You can paint these any colour you want, to brighten things up, and because of how soft plywood is you can use these panels as convenient notice/pin boards too.

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