postheadericon Multi-tasking while decluttering: Brad Roemer’s Spring Cleaning Routine

Oh can you say spring time? We sure can, yet many of us will sulk in the idea that perhaps that means having to clean after ourselves after all the dust that has piled up after a long winter. Not all of us are Monica Geller’s. Some of us don’t look forward to a Sunday afternoon reorganizing all our cabinets, closets and properly lining our shoes up in one straight line. Some of us prefer to use the weekend to just relax and be one with the earth and the stars. However, it does have to get done eventually. Decluttering doesn’t need to be such a difficult feat if you know where to start. That’s the catch: starting somewhere. So where exactly should you start? Oakland’s top realtor, Brad Roemer, has a few tidbits and anecdotes that can help you out in this case. He has two young kids who love to run free in the house, making pillow and blanket forts as well as kicking up the dust outside in the backyard. His kids enjoy some father, child time whenever Brad makes it back home in time for dinner during the weekdays.


While Brad Roemer isn’t the only one who has the best cleaning routine (he gets most of it from his wife—no need to give him all the credit), he thought it’d be a good idea to start from scratch for the dummies guide to decluttering your room and your life. Let’s start with one simple hour. You take an hour to get your hair cut, to shop online and to watch your favorite show (It’s totally Outlander right now! You need to watch it if you haven’t started… unless you’re in the middle of midterms and don’t feel like failing your exams), so why not take an hour to multi-task and also dig up some old socks that you have slyly laying around. You can even—bonus point—do it while watching Netflix! First step in your one hour is to choose that one drawer in your home that always picks up random items. Old restaurant brochures, loose papers, photo frames that you no longer use. These things can go. Pick this drawer and completely empty it—every single item. Then make a recycle, donate and keep pile. All you need to do is start with one drawer, it’s that easy. One pile or one drawer and you’ve begun your decluttering adventure.

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