postheadericon How To Cope With Meeting Your Partner’s Ex

When it comes to relationships, Taragh Bracken is the best person to ask. No, she is not a psychologist or marital counsellor, in fact—she’s the one who sees the dirty secrets of families. She witnesses the things that make marriages fall apart, while also trying to mend the loose threads through cooperative legal actions. One issue that Bracken has recognized as transparent amongst a few young couples searching for marital support was the jealousy that strides up from the revival of an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. Whether you like it or not, your boyfriend’s ex is bound to come up from the ashes at one point in your life. This can be a result of your boyfriend maintaining close circles with this person, as well as the attendance of weddings, college reunions, related friends’ birthday parties. The list can go on and on… At one point, you cannot avoid the meet-up. Here are a few things that you must do.


Create A Mental Strategy

The last thing you want is to make the meet-up even more awkward than it already is. The same way any athlete will conjure up the power of visualization before any tournament, you need to visualize yourself meeting this ex and radiating confidence, beauty and joy. Also, you need to ensure the fact that you do not feel anxious, and are instead calm about meeting her. At the end of the day, you want to feel like you are better than her.


Keep The Conversation Courteous

You simply need to be courteous with the ex when the time comes to meeting her. In one way, you need to realize that you are the one with the man… Not her! Make sure that you are wearing something that would be applicable for a first-date. Therefore, nothing that’ll cause you to tug at your waistline or make you feel like your chest is too exposed. The best assets of your body should be shown within moderate respect. Also, make sure that you don’t intentionally ignore the ex-girlfriend. Put the attention on her by speaking directly to her and looking in her eyes. This is the way you will feel the most confident when walking away.


Don’t Be Hard On Yourself

The moment you meet her is the moment you’ll realize that she appears either better or worse than you… Or you may have the eerie recollection that she is in fact the same as you. It’s normal to feel a slight tinge of jealousy since this is a person who has been intimate with your significant other at one point, so cut yourself some slack. These are human, mature reactions. They aren’t as overdramatic as you may believe. In fact, removing the sense of mystery and strange aspect when you can put a face to the name may relieve you from stress. She committed no crime—she only liked the same man that you like. That’s something that you share in common, and shouldn’t feel incredibly bitter about.


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