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Doors are just a way in and out of places… Not! We take doors for granted because we use them so simply and frequently, but they are actually far more useful and important than you may have ever realised. I mean, things like aluminium folding doors look nice, but what are they really doing for you?

Just for fun: A historical note


Before we get to things like aluminium folding doors in modern days, let’s look back. Did you know that the two-faced Roman god, Janus, was known as the god of doors? It is believed that for this reason the Romans had their doors open inwards in order to invite both Janus and their mortal guests in. And if you think about it, now it makes sense why the Romans named the month of entry to the New Year, January, after Janus.

Energy efficiency


Right, back to modern times: we are still inviting guests in through our doors, yes, but we are also keeping high costs out. By setting a well-sealed door at the entrance to your home you are installing an effective barrier to external temperatures and conditions, which makes your home a lot more energy efficient.


Aluminium doors in Gauteng are particularly effective, especially in our scorching summers. Temperatures outside have been known to soar as high as 40 degrees Celsius, so everybody rushes to start up the air conditioners and fans. But these appliances use up extra electricity, and that costs money.


Aluminium doors help with this by providing an insulating barrier. Especially if it makes use of thermal breaks, the temperature on either side of the door will remain relatively constant and prevent you from needing to use too much extra energy. So it saves you loads of money in the long run.



You may be amazed to learn that some studies revealed about a third of all intruders come in through the front door. Or any door they can find. This is because many doors are often left damaged or brittle with age, or even left unlocked by unwary tenants. As a province with a rather high crime rate, aluminium doors in Gauteng are a great way to ensure long-lasting safety.


Aluminium folding doors (or any other variety, but these look snazzy) do not rust or corrode. With just minimal cleaning and virtually no maintenance, these doors can stay standing and strong for years. So your only concern is to make sure that the door stays locked. Most aluminium doors also come standard with laminated glass, which is strong and shatter-proof, and can be made even stronger by adding more layers. So you know you’re safe behind that door.


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