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postheadericon The Dos and Don’ts of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is an elegant and affordable solution for any home or office space, and it’s easy to clean and maintain. However, there are certain rules that need to be followed to keep them looking their best for as long as possible. Here is a comprehensive list of dos and don’ts for working with vinyl flooring.


Spillages are a reality and they will happen. But as long as you know the correct method for dealing with different spills there is no reason your house won’t keep the meticulous work of your vinyl floor installers well into the future.

Make Use of Rugs and Doormats

Make use of rugs and doormats to avoid eventual wear and tear in high traffic areas. This is especially important for keeping out dust and particles that people track in that could dull the sheen of your vinyl flooring.

Use Low-impact Cleaning Techniques and Products

The use of heavy chemical cleaners and abrasive methods will leave your vinyl flooring looking dull and worn down. A quick sweep followed by a mopping with a microfiber cloth or a slightly dampened mop is enough to leave your floors squeaky clean.

Using a touch of apple cider vinegar is a great way to gently but thoroughly clean your floors without leaving any residue.

Sweep Everyday

A quick sweep every day or two can help you preserve the appearance of your vinyl flooring by removing any dust and particles that will eventually scratch the surface’s finish.

Put Protective “Feet” on Your Furniture

The feet of your furniture will scratch your vinyl flooring if you do not place a soft cushioning of some kind between them and the floor’s surface.


Don’t Drench or Soak your Vinyl

A dampened mop is enough to clean vinyl flooring. If you use copious amounts of water you run the risk of it seeping into the floors and causing it to warp.

Don’t Clean Before Vacuuming or Sweeping

If you do not vacuum or sweep first you could end up scratching the surface with any particles that were on the floor before you started mopping.

Don’t Use Abrasive Materials to Clean Your Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring has a clear polyurethane coating which is responsible for its shine. Trying to wax this won’t work. It will simply leave a residue that eventually eats through this clear layer. Abrasive cleaning products will also remove this layer of sheen.

Contact us at Floorin Installers for a quote to get your very own vinyl flooring. You can also read our blog for more tips and tricks.


postheadericon Great Options for the Perfect Cleaning for You Now in Singapore

Perhaps, it is not necessary to say that absolute cleanliness and hygiene of commercial premises is an indispensable condition for comfortable business. That is why maintaining cleanliness and order in all types of commercial real estate is nowadays a priority for its owners. Moreover, in the conditions of constantly growing competition and competition for customers, a timely, high-quality and competently organized cleaning of commercial establishments becomes a significant competitive advantage of the business owner. However, this does not mean that the owner should deal with such issues as cleaning the storehouse or the shop, the hotel or the restaurant, because there are cleaning companies for this! You can easily engage in a commercial cleaning Singapore company today.

The Supports Provided Now for the Best Regards

Cooperation with a specialized firm that provides cleaning services is without exaggeration the simplest and most affordable solution to the problem of cleanliness. First, so you eliminate yourself from the need to deal with issues that are unusual for your activity, such as recruiting and training staff, purchasing equipment, choosing detergents. And secondly, you get the confidence that the expensive modern decoration materials used in finishing the premises that you own, which actually give them attractiveness, uniqueness and uniqueness, will not be spoiled or damaged and will retain their original appearance for a long time.

The Proper Activity for you

During the activity they have accumulated considerable experience of working at commercial enterprises of various types. The technological processes are well-established and optimized, employees perfectly master modern cleaning methods, and the fleet of professional equipment is constantly updated and replenished. In the complex, all of the above allows the company to quickly solve almost any non-standard and complex tasks. And it does not matter what exactly is required to the client – cleaning the store or cleaning the hypermarket – they treat each task set before us equally responsibly and in good faith.

They offer several cooperation schemes. It can be a one-time service or a long-term partnership on a contractual basis, an integrated approach or a clearly defined package of basic and additional services. In most cases, complex cleaning of premises is interesting to owners of large objects. Cleaning supermarkets or, say, cleaning business centers – the process are quite complex and the scheme of work can be changed and supplemented. The client in this case is more convenient to pay a fixed amount for the service and provide the cleaning company manager with the ability to determine the list of services at the site, but in any case the choice is always yours. They, on their part, will try to do everything possible to create a comfortable climate, both for the customer’s employees and for the visitors of the facility entrusted to us.

postheadericon Hiring Home Cleaning Services

Handy has a platform available for people who lack the time or know-how to do chores around the house. Many owners prefer hiring cleaners for maintenance and upkeep of their residence. Over the years, the demand for professional services has increased substantially.

The Amazing Benefits

With busy activities and hectic lives, it is impossible to concentrate on the household chores. For most of us, professional home cleaning services are the best option at hand. You can seek the services of such services at the will and convenience, and the prices are pretty affordable too. Cleaners know their job and have experience in maintenance and standard work, which adds to the beauty of the decor.

Locating a Service

Ask around. Talk to your neighbors, family members and friends to obtain the reliable companies in your town. You can even check online to find top rated services.

Check the prices. The charges for such services rely upon the work. A few companies may have a fixed rate, while others may check your home and rooms before choosing an estimate. Do request an estimate ahead of time.

Understand your preferences. Do you clean your home every week? Or you desire a team that can do the job once every month? For regular preservation, a yearly contract is much better, while for periodical work, apply for individual contracts.

Check reviews. As a customer, you have right to know the background of a company. You will find plenty of customer reviews and feedback.

Locate more about the blemishes. Cleaning your home requires supplies, tools, and equipment, and in the ideal case, a business should bring its supplies. If possible, go for green products, which might be costly tend to be worth paying for.

Talk about the recruiting process. As you would trust them with your home, it’s best to choose a company that stands for the reputation. Handy is the company that will make sure you will find a professional cleaner you can trust.

Are they certified? That’s an essential question for any service! Washing is a messy job, and workplace accidents can occur anytime. In case there is any damage to the household goods, the concerned company should take responsibility for the same.

Do they give service ensure? If you are disappointed with the work, the company must assist to solve the problem. The response time is an element that needs attention too. You cannot rely on a service that requires days to return your calls and emails.

Finally, get your home ready before the cleaners arrive. This includes removing the expensive and smaller items. Also, take the time to read conditions and conditions that are mentioned in the consumer service agreement or contract, so that you don’t have to pay for hidden charges and additions later.

postheadericon Multi-tasking while decluttering: Brad Roemer’s Spring Cleaning Routine

Oh can you say spring time? We sure can, yet many of us will sulk in the idea that perhaps that means having to clean after ourselves after all the dust that has piled up after a long winter. Not all of us are Monica Geller’s. Some of us don’t look forward to a Sunday afternoon reorganizing all our cabinets, closets and properly lining our shoes up in one straight line. Some of us prefer to use the weekend to just relax and be one with the earth and the stars. However, it does have to get done eventually. Decluttering doesn’t need to be such a difficult feat if you know where to start. That’s the catch: starting somewhere. So where exactly should you start? Oakland’s top realtor, Brad Roemer, has a few tidbits and anecdotes that can help you out in this case. He has two young kids who love to run free in the house, making pillow and blanket forts as well as kicking up the dust outside in the backyard. His kids enjoy some father, child time whenever Brad makes it back home in time for dinner during the weekdays.


While Brad Roemer isn’t the only one who has the best cleaning routine (he gets most of it from his wife—no need to give him all the credit), he thought it’d be a good idea to start from scratch for the dummies guide to decluttering your room and your life. Let’s start with one simple hour. You take an hour to get your hair cut, to shop online and to watch your favorite show (It’s totally Outlander right now! You need to watch it if you haven’t started… unless you’re in the middle of midterms and don’t feel like failing your exams), so why not take an hour to multi-task and also dig up some old socks that you have slyly laying around. You can even—bonus point—do it while watching Netflix! First step in your one hour is to choose that one drawer in your home that always picks up random items. Old restaurant brochures, loose papers, photo frames that you no longer use. These things can go. Pick this drawer and completely empty it—every single item. Then make a recycle, donate and keep pile. All you need to do is start with one drawer, it’s that easy. One pile or one drawer and you’ve begun your decluttering adventure.

postheadericon You Must Know These 10 Things If You Have A Woodworm Issue

  • Woodworm are wood boring beetles in their juvenile life stages. The most common species in the UK are the Common Furniture Beetle and the Death Watch Beetle.


  • Autumn, winter and spring are the seasons in which woodworm are prevalent. They enjoy the varying levels of moisture which lower temperatures, heating being turned on and off and condensation present. As other pests hibernate, or their population is depleted by the cold, woodworm pose one of the greatest risks to timber, from joists and beams to loft spaces, window frames, floorboards, stairs and furniture.


  • They don’t fly but they can enter premises by being blown in, perhaps through a doorway or open window close to trees, to infest the timber which presents a secluded home with a ready food supply. They consume the natural cellulose content in wood to survive, creating tunnels called galleries as they move further inwards.


  • Without woodworm treatment timber loses its integrity. The danger should not be underestimated. Structural strength, health and safety and insurance issues should be expected when no action is taken to kill woodworm.


  • Woodworm treatment should always be carried out by professionally qualified company specialists like those at the highly reputable Thames Valley Timber Treatment to satisfy authorities. They utilise licensed woodworm treatments which have guarantees of 20-30 years. Over the counter treatments do not offer the same benefits.


  • The HSE and Environment Agency approves the Wood Protection Association’s code of practice.  Products used for timber treatments have been independently tested and approved by the HSE and environmental considerations have been evaluated.


  • Pesticides and insecticides used during woodworm treatments are also known as Insect Growth Regulators. The chemicals halt the life and reproduction potential. To kill woodworm as juveniles means that they cannot mature and mate. The population decreases and the infestation ceases.


  • The woodworm’s lifespan illustrates why they shouldn’t be ignored.

10-14 days after the mother lays eggs in the crevices of wood the larvae hatch, they burrow into the wood and remain there, tunnelling and consuming for between 2 to 5 years as they develop from larvae to pupa and beetles.

As beetles they leave the timber with one aim, to mate. They die once they achieve this, so adults have approximately 2 weeks or less to live.


  • Woodworm don’t migrate from timber to timber, so it is probable that if you discover woodworm in the loft this does not mean that timbers in other areas are affected. Similarly, if an old or second-hand piece of furniture is placed in a space, the woodworm, if there are any present, will not move in to the other woodwork; when the nutrition in the timber they’re infesting is sufficient there is no desire to relocate.


  • Fresh looking holes, tunnels, dust (frass,) live and dead beetles are key indicators of a woodworm infestation. However, the holes from a previous infestation also appear newly produced.


Take advantage of a specialist’s knowledge and skills to evaluate and treat woodworm.

postheadericon Here’s What You Didn’t Know About Doors…

Doors are just a way in and out of places… Not! We take doors for granted because we use them so simply and frequently, but they are actually far more useful and important than you may have ever realised. I mean, things like aluminium folding doors look nice, but what are they really doing for you?

Just for fun: A historical note


Before we get to things like aluminium folding doors in modern days, let’s look back. Did you know that the two-faced Roman god, Janus, was known as the god of doors? It is believed that for this reason the Romans had their doors open inwards in order to invite both Janus and their mortal guests in. And if you think about it, now it makes sense why the Romans named the month of entry to the New Year, January, after Janus.

Energy efficiency


Right, back to modern times: we are still inviting guests in through our doors, yes, but we are also keeping high costs out. By setting a well-sealed door at the entrance to your home you are installing an effective barrier to external temperatures and conditions, which makes your home a lot more energy efficient.


Aluminium doors in Gauteng are particularly effective, especially in our scorching summers. Temperatures outside have been known to soar as high as 40 degrees Celsius, so everybody rushes to start up the air conditioners and fans. But these appliances use up extra electricity, and that costs money.


Aluminium doors help with this by providing an insulating barrier. Especially if it makes use of thermal breaks, the temperature on either side of the door will remain relatively constant and prevent you from needing to use too much extra energy. So it saves you loads of money in the long run.



You may be amazed to learn that some studies revealed about a third of all intruders come in through the front door. Or any door they can find. This is because many doors are often left damaged or brittle with age, or even left unlocked by unwary tenants. As a province with a rather high crime rate, aluminium doors in Gauteng are a great way to ensure long-lasting safety.


Aluminium folding doors (or any other variety, but these look snazzy) do not rust or corrode. With just minimal cleaning and virtually no maintenance, these doors can stay standing and strong for years. So your only concern is to make sure that the door stays locked. Most aluminium doors also come standard with laminated glass, which is strong and shatter-proof, and can be made even stronger by adding more layers. So you know you’re safe behind that door.


Get in touch with RDA Aluminium Doors & Windows cc. for high quality aluminium doors in Gauteng. These doors will go a long way to saving both your wallet and your life.

postheadericon Humidity control using an air conditioner

It is very natural for human being to sweat. This is a natural process that provides cooling when the perspiration in the skin evaporates. Drier air without humidity is known to improve the comfort that is attained form this process. Air conditioners can achieve up to 60% of relative humidity in the space that is occupied. The equipment is designed in a way to give this comfort to the humans. In most of the air conditioners that are produced today, a person can definitely find a dehumidification cycle. This is a process when the compressor is kept on and the fan is made to spin as slow as possible. This lowest speed is achieved under natural conditions. As a result of this process, the temperature of the evaporator is reduced resulting in the condensation of more water. This condensation will be high when compared to that which is obtained by a fan with high speed. When the temperature goes below the threshold point, the condenser and the fan will turn off automatically. This will prevent the moisture that is present in the evaporator from entering the room. This process will then be repeated when the temperature in the room rises again. There are times when the fan will be on while the compressor will stop operating in order to thaw any ice that was produced.

Effective aircon servicing that are important

When a place that is cooled using a central air conditioning faces a problem with the air conditioner system, they will usually have to wait for a while before the help arrives. This is not helpful at all as people will have to suffer from excess heat during that period of time. Even when the help arrives, a person will have to spend hundreds of dollars in getting the machine to run again. Although, best aircon servicing singapore provides services at a reasonable rate they can be avoided when the equipment is take care of properly. It is important for people to be able to work around comfortable with the equipments that they won in order to save up extra costs. Any person who wishes to be able to do this can read more on aircon servicing from the well known websites and take their points into consideration. Not waiting for a person to come and take care of the aircon that has problems will also save one’s time. This is why one had to read more on aircon repair.


postheadericon Get the Best with both Vinyl and Laminate Flooring Installers

You have no doubt heard all about both laminate flooring and vinyl optionsas well as a range of pros and cons for both, while looking into floors for your new home or for some exciting home renovations. Every supplier or laminate flooring installer you speak to probably tries to convince you to choose either one or the other, but you could actually be missing out if you decide on only one! They are both good quality, affordable products, so why not get the best of both worlds?

Pros and cons of laminate flooring


There’s no shying away from the fact that laminate flooring is the favourite for most homeowners and laminate flooring installers. Laminate can imitate practically any variety of hardwood, stone or cement flooring you may want for your home, and at an absolute fraction of the cost. Add to that the fact that they are extremely hardy and designed to last a very long time, and you’re looking at an investment of a flooring material that is guaranteed to last for years.


The only problem with laminate flooring is that due to it having a wood core, it cannot handle exposure to excessive dampness or moisture. Even if the laminate flooring installers do a perfect job, exposure to water and extreme humidity will result in moisture penetrating the wood core which may eventually ruin your floor.

Pros and cons of vinyl flooring


Vinyl flooring is a 100% plastic option, so this guarantees your floor’s water resistance. Vinyl flooring is also an affordable option, which is a major deciding factor when making flooring choices these days. So with this you get a floor that looks better than the old vinyl and lino floors – the technology has aged well – and a water-resistant floor that will hold up in wet or humid conditions without breaking the bank.


However, whereas vinyl flooring deals with moisture very well it doesn’t do too well with heat and sunlight. The plastic in vinyl flooring can emit volatile organic compounds (VOC) under certain – usually hot – environmental conditions, and it is also known to warp and perish with regular exposure to UV radiation. A lot has been done to correct these problems, but more advanced varieties of vinyl flooring are naturally more expensive.

The benefit of combined installation


It is clear that both materials have their advantages and disadvantages, but the most interesting thing about this is the way in which they actually cover each other’s weak points. And a good laminate flooring installer would know this.


Laminate flooring is affordable, versatile and durable enough to be the perfect flooring solution throughout your home. The only places it would not be suitable include bathrooms, which experience a lot of moisture and where floors are constantly wet, and sculleries or kitchens, which are also prone to wet floors. These rooms generally have limited exposure to sunlight, and so they are ideal for vinyl floors which can handle the water while staying safe from UV damage.

The recommendation in this case would be to use vinyl flooring in slightly damp rooms like the bathroom and kitchen, while using laminate flooring everywhere else. Your best bet, though, would be to get in touch with a professional laminate flooring installer who knows both materials well. Get the specialists to advise you on your home’s unique needs.

postheadericon Tips to Help You Make the Most of Your Final Inspection

In the real estate world, there are few aspects of due diligence which are more important than the final inspection.


Why? Because unlike using sport chek coupon from Groupon Coupons, with a solid inspection there is no way, as a buyer, to know about any concerns with the property before any and all problems become your responsibility.


For this reason, pay attention to the tips below to make sure that you get the most out of your final inspection and don’t purchase a property with unexpected costs.


You Aren’t Qualified

And even if you are qualified, you aren’t in a position to inspect your own property. Why? Because if you have fallen in love with a property then you are likely to overlook aspects which an independent inspector won’t.


When you are speaking with potential inspectors, consider the following questions:


  • Will they inspect your roof?
  • Will they get underneath the property to inspect the foundations?
  • How experienced are they?
  • Can they provide you with their qualifications?
  • How soon can you expect their report?
  • What will be the total cost?


These questions will help you to filter out between the bad and the good inspectors.


You Don’t Get off That Easily

Of course, just because you have a professional attention your final inspection doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t also. While you are there, perform and look for the following:


  • Take a cell phone charger with you to ensure all of the electric outlets are working
  • Run your hands along the alls to feel for any damp spots which could suggest mold growth or water damage
  • Check that each of the faucet and water supplies is in full working order
  • Be sure that all of the indoor and outdoor irrigation systems are working properly
  • If your property lists any inclusions, be sure that they are present and in full working order


If you notice anything that doesn’t seem right, be sure to ask your inspector about it while they are at the property. Even if it seems like a small problem, that is what they are there for so utilize their skills during this important visit.


Ask Around and Bring a Friend

If possible, speak with as many people as you can about any issues they had with their final inspection. In particular, ask about any property problems which they found after they had settled on the property which wasn’t discovered during the final inspection. This could be something small like a crack in the foundation which later grew to a large problem, or even an irrigation system issue which has caused significant damage later on in the life of the property and required expensive repair work.


Anybody who tells you that the property buying process is easy isn’t being entirely honest with you. However, this isn’t to say that it is so difficult that it can’t be done, you just need to pay attention to the important parts, such as the final inspection. The tips above are a great start to help you make the most of your final inspection and discover any potential problems before it’s too late.

postheadericon Clean Room Testing

To ensure that your clean room environment is working effectively a number of factors relating to the air supply coming from your ventilation need to be tested. These tests apply to every type of clean room, whether used for the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, sterile and aseptic production.

We will need to test the quantity of air to ensure that there is enough to dilute or remove any contamination generated within your clean room, and we will need to test the quality of the air to ensure that it is not adding to any contamination, rather than removing it.

Clean Room Particulate Testing

We also need to test the flow of the air to ensure that it is moving from clean to less clean areas, minimising the movement of any contaminated air into your clean area, and also to ensure there are no areas of the room with high concentrations of pollutants. In order to carry out these tests, for every clean room we are working in, we will measure and check:

  1. Airborne particulate Testing – Finally, we will carry out measurements to ensure that the concentration of particles and micro-organisms is compliant with the specification set out for your clean room.
  2. HEPA Filter installation leak testing – Your ventilation system’s high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter, and its housing will be tested with DOP (Dispersed Oil Particulate) to ensure their integrity.
  3. Air supply and extract quantities – If your air supply is unidirectional we will measure and record the air velocity, while for non-unidirectional systems we will measure air supply.
  4. Differential pressure – Here we will be testing to ensure that the air in your clean room always moves from clean to less clean areas, with your clean room having a higher pressure than adjacent less clean areas.
  5. Containment leak testing – We will check the construction of your clean room to ensure that no airborne contamination can occur via leaks from higher pressure work areas adjacent to it.
  6. Air movement control – Studying the movement of the air within your clean room we will check that there is sufficient air movement to dilute or remove pollutants, preventing any contamination build-up.
  7. Room recovery – Reviewing the effectiveness of airflow we will measure how quickly a clean room recovers to its normal operating cleanliness following a release of particulate contaminant.
  8. Temperature, Relative Humidity – We may also need to carry out tests on temperature, relative humidity, and the heating and cooling capabilities of the room, as well as noise, lighting and vibration levels.


Ensuring that you fully understand our process and your results, following any clean room testing or validation service, we will present you with clear, easy to follow reports that can be compiled, quality checked and issued to you while still on site, minimising the down time of your operations.

In Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Medical Device cleanrooms, it is imperative that companies know if any airborne contaminants put products at risk.  It is also very important to understand what the contaminants are, and their origin.  Important environmental measurements, like airborne viable particle measurements, assist with keeping processes in control and with helping to find the root cause of unwanted events to monitor cleanrooms for viable particles and other potential contaminants to ensure a clean environment is maintained at all times.

Cleanrooms play critical roles in maintaining contamination free production environments for critical processes. To ensure your cleanroom is working as designed it is essential that a well planned and executed cleanroom testing and certification and maintenance program is undertaken for operation and regulatory compliance. APT cleanroom testing offers clean.

We undertake the testing of cleanrooms in accordance with international standards and customer quality specifications. Cleanroom test protocols and report documentation can be customised to customer specifications.

Using our technical knowledge and experience in cleanroom testing coupled with our steadfast commitment to quality and the highest standards of customer service we provide our clients with reliable, accurate and thoroughly documented clean room testing results, ensuring optimal cleanroom performance, documented regulatory and quality compliance, and minimised facility down time as most companies clean rooms are their main critical asset.

APT Clean Room Testing is customer driven and we continually try to exceed our customers’ expectations, both in terms of price and service. Our careful attention to detail ensures that our reports and certificates are of the highest quality and customers can be confident that their external calibration and validation requirements have been met. Our commitment to quality is backed up by our UKAS accreditation. Our test engineers are well trained, highly motivated and flexible individuals who ensure constant and consistent delivery of our high standards.

If you have a clean room that requires particulate monitoring or any of the above testing then please get in touch with us as soon as possible as we should be able to offer you an expedient solution for all your cleanroom testing and certification. We can also offer maintenance programmes to ensure your cleanroom is in compliance with the corresponding ISO standards– it’s why we place such emphasis on the process of ‘expert intervention’.

APT has your Clean Room Testing Covered.

I hope the above information was informative. If you would like some more information in regards to our cleanroom testing service please don’t hesitate to contact us directly on 07775623464 or email us at: